Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor (2)

Who can use an eleblood pressure monitorctronic sphygmomanometer?

In terms of technical manipulation, everyone can use an automatic electronic blood pressure monitor. Some semi-automatic models or having specific functions or characteristics are more suitable for professional use (doctors, nurses, medical practices), but almost all electronic devices are simple to use, which makes them easy to use. the reach of all users. Remember that this device should not replace regular exams at your doctor.

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Is an electrblood pressure monitoronic blood pressure monitor as reliable as a traditional blood pressure monitor?

Tensioning with manual sphygmomanometers is based on the auscultatory method. This method uses an occlusive cuff (allowing compression of the artery) and a stethoscope (to detect the noises generated during the passage of blood during the deflation of the cuff). There are 5 different phases (called Korotkoff sounds):

I: Appearance of the first sound,
II: Whispering tone,
III: its sharp and sharp,
IV: Weakening of the sound,
V: Disappearance of the sound, Systolic pressure is determined by phase I and diastolic pressure by phase V.