Breastfeeding Tips (2)

breastfeedingComplementary bottles

The introduction of complementary bottles in the first weeks can disrupt the smooth progress of breastfeeding. The introduction of supplements into a breastfed child is a tempting response to women’s doubts about their ability to feed their child enough with their own milk. Except in special cases, this practice is discouraged because it limits the child’s demand within the breast, can lower milk production and increases the risk of early weaning. Do not give breastfed newborns any foods or beverages other than breastmilk, unless indicated otherwise. In a healthy full-term baby who sucks on demand and effectively, there is no risk of dehydration or stunting.

Breastfeeding Tips (1)

breastfeedingFrequency / Duration

During breastfeeding, there should be no rules regarding the frequency or duration of breastfeeding

The number and duration of feedings vary greatly from one baby to another and from one day to the next in the same baby, depending on their nutritional needs and physical proximity. In addition, it is the feedings that condition the milk production: the more the child takes milk, the more the mother produces it. These two notions explain that there must be no rules concerning the number or duration of feedings. During the first weeks of breastfeeding, most children often ask for up to 8 to 12 times a day. This should not be interpreted as a problem, especially not a lack of milk.

How to Measure Blood Pressure at Home

It is important to make sure that the measurements taken with your home blood pressure monitor are accurate so that your healthcare provider can have a good overview of your blood pressure.

blood pressure monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor

Home measurement of blood pressure can help your doctor diagnose high blood pressure properly. Some people have higher blood pressure when they visit the doctor. However, while these people go about their daily business, their blood pressure is normal. Often measuring your blood pressure can help you determine if you have high blood pressure.