Nebulizer is a medical device that  turns liquid drugs into a fine particles that the patient inhales into his lungs through a face mask or mouthpiece. It is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchiolitis, asthma or cystic fibrosis.

The nebulization system includes:
• a compressor
• a nebulization kit
• a pipe
• a nebulizer (tank in which is placed the drug preparation)
• a face mask or mouthpiece

What is nebulization?
Nebulization can treat respiratory conditions by diffusing a drug solution by nasal or oral inhalation, thus allowing to administer more or less large doses of a drug without difficulties.
The choice of a nebulizer depends on the pathology to be treated and the drug to inhale.
Several nebulization systems exist: tires and ultrasonics.
• With pneumatic aerosols, the drug preparation is nebulized under the effect of a compressed gas. There are standard or double venturi nebulizers, with an additional opening, avoiding the waste of the product compared to standard nebulizers. They are used for broncho-pulmonary pathologies.
• For ultrasonic nebulizers, the vibration of a quartz allows nebulization, using ultrasound. Ultrasonic nebulizers ensure a very fine nebulization of the particles but are however used in case of specific indications.

• The sonic nebulizers are for their reserved ENT treatment (for example sinusitis). They are formed from a pneumatic generator, added waves from a vibrator.

The pneumatic sprays are often used first. The mouthpiece is always better when the user can breathe through the mouth during the session.

Some additional tips :

  • Replace the nebulizer set every 3 months or according to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Check the compressor filter regularly and replace it if it is dirty.
  • Do not operate the compressor if the nebulizer is clogged to prevent engine damage.
  • Clean the compressor surface regularly and keep it dry and dust-free
  • Have your device checked annually.
  • If the nebulization time is getting longer, your device needs to be checked.


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