Electric Steam Sterilizer

The electrical steam sterilizer is used to kill harmful germs for babies by steaming with hot steam. In the first year of life, babies are still very vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and parasites. These can cause a mild infection of severe gastrointestinal infection.
There are numerous devices available on the market that make the sterilization of baby bottles and pacifiers or other items extremely easy. Previously, the bottles and pacifiers had to be laboriously boiled out, which was not exactly energy-saving and took a lot of time. The water on the stove was heated especially for this purpose. Although you could use a quick kettle today, that’s not really practical.
How does a sterilizer work?
The use of an electric sterilizer in daily use is very simple: Mostly a little water is poured into the device, the objects to be steamed (bottles, pacifiers, nipples, etc.) are inserted and then turned on the device. First, the vaporizer takes a little time to heat up, and when the added water is heated enough, it starts vaporizing and killing germs.
It should be noted that according to the manufacturer’s instructions enough water is filled in, as otherwise the specified time for sterilization cannot be met. In concrete terms, if there is not enough water, steam cannot be produced for sterilization long enough. To be on the safe side, the instructions of the appropriate cooker should be read well. By using the hot steam, no chemistry or other additives are needed. However, there must always be a power outlet nearby to operate the mains powered vaporizers.
Advantages Vaporizers:
• No tedious cooking in the pot necessary
• Germs and bacteria are reliably killed
• Simple operation and handling
• Low investment costs – a lot of time savings
How long do I have to sterilize bottles?
During the first eight months, it is necessary to sterilize the bottles – even if that sometimes seems superfluous. The immune system of an infant is not mature at the beginning and therefore particularly susceptible to infections. From the eighth month, when a baby begins to crawl and likes everything in the mouth, a meticulous disinfection is not so necessary anymore.

A thorough cleaning is still important, like in the dishwasher. In addition, you can make nipple and pacifier germ-free at regular intervals – either in the vaporizer or quite simply in an electric kettle.


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