Infant Phototherapy

infant phototherapyThe phototherapy Unit is used to reduce bilirubin in the blood. The device emit visibe light. Blue light is most effective. There are two types phototherapy lamps : Fluorescent tubes and tungsten-halogen spotlight. Irradiance level can be controlled by changing the distance between the infant and the light source. Some systems provide irradiance level controls to adjust the irradiance levels of the light sources.

Breast Milk’s Nutritions

breast mmilkThe breast milk is the best nutrition for baby. Its specific composition  covers all the needs of baby and is perfectly adapted to its development . It contains the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, sugars, fats, proteins that your baby needs to grow well, all in just quantities .


Nebulizer is a medical device that  turns liquid drugs into a fine particles that the patient inhales into his lungs through a face mask or mouthpiece. It is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchiolitis, asthma or cystic fibrosis.

Electric Steam Sterilizer

The electrical steam sterilizer is used to kill harmful germs for babies by steaming with hot steam. In the first year of life, babies are still very vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and parasites. These can cause a mild infection of severe gastrointestinal infection.
There are numerous devices available on the market that make the sterilization of baby bottles and pacifiers or other items extremely easy. Previously, the bottles and pacifiers had to be laboriously boiled out, which was not exactly energy-saving and took a lot of time. The water on the stove was heated especially for this purpose. Although you could use a quick kettle today, that’s not really practical.

Baby Incubator

infant incubatorOne of the great advances in neonatology has been the invention of the incubator or incubator at the end of the nineteenth century. Before this machine came into being, cooling was one of the leading causes of death for premature babies. Simply surrounded by cotton and warmed by hot water bottles, babies born before the term were mostly convicted.

Infant incubator provide warmth to help an infant maintain a normal body temperature. Incubators warm the infant by a forced or natural flow of heated air. This apparatus consists of a closed and glazed enclosure, in which the atmosphere heated to a suitable temperature contains oxygen in a quantity greater than that of the ambient air. It has on the other hand, a slight ventilation. Handling of the baby is possible (feeding by the bottle when possible, caresses, hygiene.) Thanks to the presence of orifices provided with glove boxes, and allowing to penetrate the hands inside the cabin .